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Ethogramm Horse

The book is an unique work of scientific reference about natural horse behaviour. 72 behavioural elements are arranged in alphabetical order and described in Englisch, German and French. Each one is correctly defined, its variations explained and the context of its occurrence specified. In addition the individual elements are illustrated by a characteristic drawing.

Working with horses requires a profound knowledge of their behaviour. This book therefore does not only address teachers, students and researchers in equine sciences, but also trainers, owners and horse friends.

2009 First edition by Weissensee Verlag in Berlin under the title „Ethogram of the Horse/ Ethogramm des Pferdes/ Ethogramme du Cheval“.

2012 Second edition by WuWei Verlag in Schondorf under the title „Pferde unter sich“.

2014 Kosmos Verlag takes all rights of publishing the book.

2020 - New edition by the author.

We give you the opportunity to download a few examples of the book:


Download PDF Ears laid back

Download PDF Circle

Download PDF Lie up

Download PDF Yawn

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