La Noue

Our property „La Noue“ in the community of Aurouer is located in the middle of France, between the rivers Loire and Allier and belongs to the departement of Allier. This departement is named after the river and belongs to the state of Auvergne. On it’s way north-westwards the river Allier flows through the ancient and historic town of Moulins, which is 13 km away from „La Noue“.

„La Noue“ is located in slightly hilly meadows with lots of hedges and oaktrees. Many little ponds are recharged by free groundwater and drainage ditches.„La Noue“ adjoins a huge oakforest of 3000 hectares. This public forest belongs to three communities and offers more than 30 km hiking and riding trails. The whole region is well-known for it’s horse and cattle breeding.

„La Noue“ was established in 1910 according to a tablet on the wall. Two big barns belong to the house.

„La Noue“ is only 2 km far from the horse breeding farm „Vaucoulmin“ belonging to my longtime friend Yvonne Held. On three sides we see her grassland and pastures, on which some of my shetland pony brood mares and youngstock are living very naturally.